Manage change successfully


Change as an opportunity – instead of a hurdle

CHANGE SUPPORT - key aspects

  • Overcome emotional obstacles
  • Keep track of the objectives
  • Structured interventions
  • Highlight development opportunities
  • Generate and recognise success
  • Create sustainability
  • Keep people on board
  • Retain appreciation and respect for employees

The recipe to reaching change-goals
- with minimum stress

Opportunity of transformation

How change succeeds

There is often astonishment when change processes done by the book are not successful.
Experience in complex change processes is irreplaceable. In most cases, however, the complexity of change is not as much of a hurdle as the emotional impact on the employees is.

Use our experience in dealing with the following change processes:

  • Acquisitions and business transfers
  • Restructuring
  • Relocation
  • High fluctuation
  • In- or outsourcing
  • Changes to the sales program
  • New distribution models
  • Office relocation or new service procedures
  • New IT

A fresh view from outside

Mutually satisfying resolutions – instead of rhetorical cut and thrust

As outsiders we can look to the opportunities to make changes more implementable. We back you in steering the change:

  • Consider and address emotional concerns from the start
  • Deal with the feeling of loss of control among executives
  • Active handling of risks that could potentially lead to slipping or failure
  • Manage deviations at an early stage

A car can not be pushed from within


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