Success through appreciation


Tailored communication skills for your team


  • Nonviolent communication
  • Work smartly to reduce the potential for conflicts
  • Constructive criticism not perceived as an affront
  • Express ones own needs without creating conflict
  • Give appreciation and positive reinforcement
  • Quickly defuse office rivalries, irate customers or other high-stress situations

Appreciative communication made easy - for teams and leaders

Heedful communication in everyday work

Appreciative Communication

Every person desires and deserves appreciation.
This is the base for achieving

  • targeted motivation
  • positive working atmosphere
  • excellent results
  • progress

Rigid systems for communication are frequently encountered. They often
feature elaborative check lists stating which types of communication to
omit as a precaution for conflict or loss of motivation. There are also
abundant instructions on how to defuse conflicts.

Unfortunately patterns of avoidance seldom solve problems or lead to
improvement. Instead they induce arrested development and de-motivation, "about one would rather not speak."

Our goal: Not avoiding but preventing conflicts by natural appreciative communication

To achieve this we provide effective and sustainable tools. The ability to address problems or differences of opinion in a positive manner is one of the key success factors of this method.

Effectively facilitate the flow of information

Effective communication tools

The way of interaction with each other as well as a transparent and comprehensible flow of information is crucial for satisfied employees.

Maintaining superiority by holding back information is highly counterproductive.

Appreciative communication can be easy when we take the uniqueness of the people and their needs into account.

Our training provides valuable key qualifications:

  • 8 easy to use and intuitive rules
  • Suitable for work, school and private life
  • No superficial phrases or postures
  • Immediate success
  • Appreciation and compassion can finally be expressed


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